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ETHIOPIA’S uniqueness makes it a fascinating destination for every kind of traveller. It has been an independent nation since ancient times, being one of the oldest countries in the world. A monarchy for most of its history, the Ethiopian dynasty traces its roots to the 2nd Century BC. Ethiopia is also one of the oldest sites of human existence known to scientists today, having yielded some of humanity’s oldest traces.

Discover the Historical Journey

Ethiopia Historic Journey is one of the great treasures of Ethiopia. It covers the history of Ethiopia from its early beginnings to present day. Our history stretches back to the time of prehistoric man, to the famous 12th century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, and the medieval castles of Gondar.

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Lalibela was originally called Roha and was a site of the Zagwe dynasty, of the Agew people. A cluster of ten rock-hewn churches built by King Lalibela have come to be known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” for their architectural beauty and the human ingenuity, which fashioned them out of the bare rocks of the Wollo mountains. 

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Gondar, the city of castles in the North Gondar Zone of Amhara land. Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia in the 17th-century. No city in Ethiopia is so densely-clustered with churches as is in Gondar. With forty four churches, Gondar is known as the city of churches. It is also known as the city of castles. 

Gondar’s castles reflect the strong dynasty and the power of progressive rulers. The biggest and most magnificent castle of all is King Fasiladas’ castle, which is still intact, which was  the first to be built. Seven of the dynasty’s kings had their own castles built to show their power and efficient ruling styles. 

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Short special Addis Tour

Unity Park is located at the Grand Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Park covers about 20 acres of land and is suitable for a cosmopolitan traveler with fantastic mix of old Ethiopia with the new combining the history of the rulers of Ethiopia of the last 200 years. The park puts the recent history of Ethiopia in short and simple way and supported by interactive multimedia featuring more than 1,000 display items, the attractions include the historical buildings, indigenous plants exhibition, indigenous black mane lion zoo, a green area and the nine regions’ pavilion and a zoo.

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A Country of Diversity

Ethiopians have their own calendar with unique feature, it has 13 months. Using the Julian calendar, Ethiopia has twelve lunar months of thirty days, plus one month of five or six days, depending on the leap year. The Julian calendar began 7 years and 133 days after the Christian age, making the first day of the New Year September 11.

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